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 Server settings etc!

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PostSubject: Server settings etc!   Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:47 am

Since some of the new players when connect they have no clue what is going on here some of the settings you should have, this way your gonna lag less having more comfort and more fun from the game.

Network Settings;

/rate 25000
/snaps 40
/cl_maxpackets 100
/cl_timenudge 0

These 4 settings should be all the time with your configuration this way you won't lag.
You can save you configuration at anytime to your game by doing this, /writeconfig 1.cfg and when you need to use that configuration you do this, /exec 1.cfg


There are a lot more settings that can be applied to you configuration, here are some tips you can use for a better game play.

Display Settings;

/cg_drawCrosshair 5 ---> I choose 5 which is the small dot, it's what makes you aim in the game
/cg_drawGun 1 ---> Show the weapon
/cg_drawTimer 1 ---> Show the time of the round played
/cg_fov 90(default) ---> Zoom between you and enemy

Yet again there are a lot more variables that can make you have fun in this game, now it's up to you to find out.


Here's other tip when playing Capture the Flag, which is binding.
There is a lot a forms to communicate in-game; Public Chat, Team Chat, Private etc, and there is ways to save some words into your configuration, here is some tips.

For Public Chat;

Saying that you would want that every time you pressed the keyword F to say Good Game you would do this,

/bind F say Good Game

For Team Chat;
Team chat is really good when playing with someone in your team, so you can let your partner know from where is coming out the adversary and other things.

Saying that you would want that every time you pressed the keyword G to say Enemy Low you would do this,

/bind G say_team Enemy Low

For Private Chat;

Usually no one binds nothing for private chat, but if you wish to do so, it's the exact same process from the above,
When you wish to say something to only one person, something you think it's not safe to share with everyone, you do the following things;

First you need to know the number of the player you want to chat with, you can do this by /serverstatus

Example if i was the player number 5 and you wanted to say something only to me you would do this,

/tell 5 Hi, Apoc great Game xD


There is a lot more stuff you can do with this game, you just need to lose some time finding them.

All the commands here you can add them trough the console from your game.

It's nice to share what you know, so others can have the same fun you have.
I hope this helps for something and see you all at our servers.

Death to All


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Server settings etc!
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